• I have loved every Leggings Lounge I have attended and hosted. Not only have I gotten to experience yoga, I've learned from new teachers, made the acquaintance of new yogis, met new brands and visited new locations. Leggings Lounge does a wonderful job of bringing not just the fitness community together, but the fashion community, as well. It's a great evening escape and I can't wait for the next series to launch.
    — Ginger Harris, Blogger & Writer, @GINGERHARRIS
  • I absolutely love working with Leggings Lounge! The events are always meticulously organized, the team is so lovely and easy to work with, and as a brand, we get amazing ROI on the activations. They continuously bring an engaged and enthusiastic audience. We always feel like we are in good company and are confident that participating in a Leggings Lounge event will be well worth the time and investment. They're the best!
    — Angela Amendola, Sr. Marketing Manager, @GLAMSQUAD
  • I've always been about community & self care. For me, leggings lounge has brought those things together and given me another reason to love my city. Being able to practice meditation in a space with like minded individuals and being able to connect with them over light drinks & bites is something I look forward to every month during the series.
    — Zeinab Kristen, Blogger, @ZEINABKRISTEN / @ZKVISUALS
  • I loved everything about this event. I had the opportunity to get to know so many yogis and local artists in my area! And the happy hour made it especially fun and creative giving everyone a chance to loosen up even more (post yoga) and connect!
    — Elizabeth Richardson, Yoga Instructor, @SHEISWILDFLOWER
  • Leggings Lounge provided a casual, laid back, yoga and happy hour experience where I felt comfortable doing yoga for the first time and hanging out with the "yogis" afterwards.
    — Flyrodu, Singer, Songwriter & Producer, @FLYRODU